McCloskey Family

Hello, we're the McCloskey Family!

Originally, Amblefield was just the name given to our little homeschool — a weaving together of two environments whose values and methods have shaped key elements of my mothering, educating, and homemaking.

On the one hand is Ambleside — the birthplace of Charlotte Mason's famous House of Education. It was here that teachers and parents began to see the children in their care as whole persons and education as more than just the academics confined to a school building. On the other hand is Plumfield — the fictional home and school of Jo and Professor Bhaer (from Louisa May Alcott's books) where they sacrificed much and worked hard to raise boys into men with love, grace, and discipline.

These women — one fictional and one real — emphasized character development over academic achievement. And both strove to keep Christ at the center of the home and heart. Both were advocates for boys and deeply understood a child's inherent need to be out-of-doors, active, and imaginative. Both showcased good, rich literature at the core of a well-rounded education. And both were willing to go against the grain of culture and peers for the children's sake.

And so, I have knit these two women together in my heart and intertwined their work with the philosophies and wisdom of my own mother, a homeschooling veteran, to provide myself with a backdrop for the aims in this season of life. Along the way, I hope to share a natural outpouring from this journey that will bless and encourage your own.