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ox cart market: a handicraft fair by kids, for kids


We are excited to announce our Spring Ox Cart Market — inspired by the children's classic, The Ox Cart Man, we hope this event will encourage our children to put their passions and skills to good use as they create items to sell and barter in their very own handicraft market!

WHAT: Spring Ox Cart Market
WHEN: Wednesday, 5/29 from 10:00a-12:00p
WHERE: ATTENTION! Due to inclement weather, we are moving our event indoors to the back annex at Coffee Connections | 4004 Main St., Hilliard 43026



  • We want to stress that this event is child-led — the ideas, creative work, marketing and signage, and even management of the booths should come from their minds and hands. Let them have extra chores to earn the money they need for supplies, and allow them to figure out through trial and error which product ideas are a good fit for their skills. We know it's sometimes hard for parents to sit on the sidelines as a cheerleader, but we promise you will see true growth and joy if you allow your children to take the reins with this project! With this in mind, our general recommendation is for vendors to be ages 5 and older. 

  • Each participating family will be given a digital flyer to share with any friends who would like to attend our market as a shopper! These could be grandparents, neighbors, or even other homeschool families who are not part of our Wild + Free group!

  • For inspiration, we suggest a simple online search for children's handicraft markets. And we have loved looking through the #socalcmhandcraftfair hashtag on Instagram for ideas! There are no limit on price points, but we have found that items under $10 and specifically, items between $0.50 and $5.00 are a sweet spot — it may be a good idea for your children to have a small variety of products at various price points to encourage different kinds of customers to purchase or barter. 

  • Participating children are encouraged to design and market their wares in creative ways with their booths. Be sure to have your kids design their booth with existing items from home like blankets, crates, boxes, and small tables as we will not be providing any tables for this market!