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mama gathering: february

WHAT: mama gathering — february

WHEN: wednesday, 2/13 — 7:00p-9:00p

WHERE: coffee connections: 4004 Main St, Hilliard, OH 43026

BRING:  Your handicrafts — your knitting, your jewelry-making, your sock-mending, your bill paying. No activity is too small or silly. Or simply sit with us and sip something warm and cozy. 

DETAILS: This event is open to all official Central Ohio Wild + Free mamas and any nursing babies. We will meet in the main shop of Coffee Connections from 7:00-9:00p for a sweet time of community, and laughter.

DISCUSSION: self care + sacrifice

In our culture, the topic of self-care is very “on-trend” — ads and articles scold us that if we don’t stop to fulfill our own needs, we won’t be able to care for others. On the flip side of the coin, homeschool mamas are intimately acquainted with the concept of sacrifice, as we dedicate each and every waking moment (and often the moments we’re supposed to be sleeping) to the tiny people in our charge.

+ Taken to the extreme, how can self-care and sacrifice be damaging (to us and others)?
+ How do we guard against letting “self-care” morph into self-absorption?
+ How do we guard against letting “sacrifice” morph into martyrdom?
+ What are the things that “fill you up” and what are the most common ways you “pour out?”
+ Is there a healthier way to blend these two elements of motherhood?

PLEASE NOTE: Nate and Sharon (the owners of Coffee Connections) are graciously lending us this space, free of charge and after hours for each Mama Gathering! And Kyler has also agreed to be our official "Wild + Free barista" — please consider purchasing a drink or treat to support their business.

RSVP: This is very important — please use the form below to RSVP! The RSVP form will close at 3:00p on the afternoon of our event. If anything changes for your RSVP, please send a direct email to — thanks!

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